From: R R Rudolph Jr.


Dear Frustrated Online Marketer,


I won't waste your time talking about theory... or a money making idea that plainly does not work!

If you would like to make a lot of money QUICKLY, there is one thing that I have done that has made me thousands of dollars online ever since I've discovered this strategy myself.

It has proven to work for me and countless other newbie marketers over and over again.

I'm talking about getting hold of and marketing products with Master Resell Rights online!

Now I'm not going to talk on and on about how beneficial getting products with Master Resell Rights can be.

I'm sure you already know that getting these kinds of products is the quickest, easiest, and least expensive way to get products to sell and start making money.

That's how a lot of people (myself included) got started making money online - by selling products that other people created.


The real task is not only finding quality products to sell... but in MASS QUANTITY as well!

Let me repeat that...

Product quality is only half of the success equation when it comes to making money with Master Resell Rights.

The other half of the equation (the half that most people miss)... is that the quantity of Master Resell Rights products makes a HUGE difference to how much money you will make. PERIOD!

Everyone says that you will never get rich selling one ebook. No matter how many copies of the ebook you sell, you will ALWAYS be leaving money on the table.

You need PLENTY of high quality products to sell on the backend... that is, you need more products to sell to your customers after they buy that first product from you.

Of course, you could spend the time and money to create all of these products yourself.

Or, you could spend the time (a lot of time, actually) and money to find quality products that have resell rights that you can turn around and sell to your current customers.

But, the best... and most cost and time-effective option is to have a good look at this limited time offer that I have put together for you right here.

I've managed to put together this package of 257 HOT selling products for you. And on top of that, I am able to bring them to you at a significant discount.Buying all of these products with Master Resell Rights could cost hundreds of dollars, and dozens of valuable hours to track them all down.

But with this limited time offer, you'll spend a fraction of the time and money getting 257 top quality products to start selling immediately.

And, you'll even get your very own copy of the EXACT sales page I use to help you along the way (but I'll get into this more in just a moment).

MRR Product #1 - Instant Ways to Monetize Your Blog


Discover the benefits of blogging in today’s day and age.

Learn about ways and means to monetize your blog.

Get to know how a blog can enhance your company’s sales and/or reputation.

Learn which approach would be best suited to you and/or your business.

Learn the pros and cons of each approach and how it can benefit you, or affect you adversely.

Get to know about advertising on blogs and which type of advertisement would be best suited for your blog.

Learn about selling ad space to companies, so that you can boost the earnings from your blog manifold.

Get to know how to use Adsense and fill your coffers.

Learn how to track the performance of ads on your blog and make strategic decisions to increase your earnings.

Find out what kind of merchandise you can sell on your blog and the fine nuances of these transactions.

How to promote your blog and the articles on it, in order to get opportunities to write sponsored reviews and pieces.

Get a better understanding of how to acquire donations from the users (readers of your blog).

MRR Product #2 - Newbies Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Here's How You Can Start Making Money Online
Almost Instantly With Other People's Products . . .


The qualities you need to be a successful internet marketer

What level of commission to look for to make it viable

How to avoid the pitfalls of different kinds of affiliate program

How affiliate links work (including the tricks and tips)

Cookies - what they do and how to get them to work FOR you

How to find the most profitable products to promote

Increase your sales by using tracking ID's (simple)

Discover the best affiliate programs (and the worst)

The one simple tip that gives YOU traffic power not the product owner

The goldmine of 'Do's & Don'ts' that can mean the difference between success and failure for your affiliate marketing business

And much, much more...

MRR Product #3 - Kindle Cash Success

Would You Like To Make Your Book Into
A Money Generating Machine? Now There’s
An Easy Way Of Getting Your Book Published
Online And Earning Huge Profits


Publish your work quickly and easily without any hassle

Add credibility to your work by getting reviews from people who matter

Cater to readers across the globe by translating your work into different languages

Get your book published without having to deal with fussy publishers

Write whatever you enjoy writing – fiction or non-fiction; full-length or a short story

Format your book easily and publish it at a very low cost

Ensure a longer shelf life for your work

Have readers find you easily and increase your readership base quickly and without investing hundreds of dollars

Get instant feedback from readers and prepare to write your next book

Impress your family and friends by publishing your work on the internet

Make yourself and your book an online sensation

Get an insight into a risk free way to becoming famous and earning huge profits

Present your book to a massive audience and enjoy the respect that published authors get

MRR Product #4 - iPhone Apps Profit Formula

The Easy Formula To Making Money
With iPhone Apps


How to develop your iPhone app

How to expand your developments

How to make money from your iPhone apps

Everything you need to know to take your iPhone app from just an idea to a money making powerhouse!

And much more . . .

MRR Product #5 - Smart Phone Advertising

Learn How to Reach the 95 Million Mobile Phone
Users who Pay for Internet Access with
Reported Response Rates as Great as 15%


All evidence supports the premise that mobile phone advertising will continue to grow at phenomenal rates in the coming years. Yahoo reports that it expects more users will access the Internet via their mobile phones than via their business PCs by 2017. The time to jump into the mobile advertising game is now so that you can begin to reap the benefits and continue to do so for many years to come.

Here is just some of the valuable information you will learn in our eBook:

A thorough background on the 4G network with an explanation of the type of users and the various kinds of relevant mobile phones

The exact means on how to reach business mobile phone users on their wireless devices through the various channels they use

How to use the best applications to maximize your advertising dollars and improve your response rate

Search engine optimization, gadgets, mobile payments, text messaging, and social media as they are related to mobile advertising

The promising future of wireless advertising and how it relates to your business

How you can develop your own applications to expand your client base, retain customers and secure a higher degree of profit

Proven tips, strategies and techniques already perfected by wireless advertising professionals

And much, much more!

MRR Product #6 - 7 Figure Code Blueprint

You Are About To Discover
The Never Before Revealed Secrets
For One Of The Most Successful Launches Of All Time


Listen In while Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal spill their guts on all the secrets behind their 7 Figure Code Launch . . . and this was one of the biggest launches of all time, and you get a behind-the-scenes look at how this was pulled off!

Private Label Rights Included!

MRR Product #7 - Exponential Profit Multiplier

Who Else Wants To Get 2,097,152 Visitors By Every
Single Person Who Visits Your Site?


I’m going to introduce such a system where you are *guaranteed* to generate 1,048,576 visitors with every single visitor of your site. I’m not kidding you! It’s a proven viral marketing system named ‘Exponential Profit Multiplier’

Exponential Profit Multiplier is an easy-to-install traffic generating system that is guaranteed to bring you loads of traffic from every visitor.

MRR Product #8 - Personal Service Profits

How Would You Like To Generate $97 Sales,
$197 Sales, $497 Sales Or Even MORE Into
Your PayPal Account?


If you have some basic skills, you can provide profitable services! Can you setup a blog, update a website, do some graphic design, write an article, write a report, etc? Then you have what it takes to start charging others for your services!

Personal Service Profits shows you where to go and how to advertise your services so you can start collecting big payments!

How to determine what kind of service can be sold

How to determine what your strengths are

The best kinds of clients to get

Selling packages vs individual services

Types of services you can sell

The fastest and easiest ways to get paid

And even how to get others to do all of the work for you while you sit back and get a cut

MRR Product #9 - Article Writing Secrets

Tired Of Constantly Searching For High Quality
Content For Your Website? Than Discover The Easy,
Proven And Simple Way To Pump Out
High Quality Articles And Turn Them Into
Long Term Residual Income


If you desperately NEED high quality content for your website, adsence sites, promoting affiliate programs, promoting your own products, to create an unstoppable viral income or anything else for that matter! You have come to the rights place…

You are about to discover everything you need to know to pump out dozens of high quality articles full of informative and quality content every single day!

MRR Product #10 - eProfit Generator

Completely Automate The Entire Sales & Product
Delivery Process For ALL Of Your PayPal Based Sites
in 7 Minutes or Less!


Allows You To Add-In A One-Time-Offer Page To The Selling Process

Protects Your Thank You/Download Pages From Non-Paying Bandits

Creates Your PayPal Purchase Buttons, Complete With All Code Added

Allows You To Offer 100% Commissions On Front-End and Back-End Sales

Absolutely No Programming Required On Your Part!

And More!

MRR Product #11 - The Finer Points of Affiliate Marketing Success

The Ins and Outs of Being A Successful Affiliate Marketer Are Finally Revealed!


Why Each and Every Affiliate Marketer is Destined For Failure

How Skyrocketing PPC Prices Will Be Your Best Friend

The Amazing Benefits of Offer Free Stuff To Your Visitors

Why A Simple and Cheaply Made Video Can Make A World of Difference

And Much More!

MRR Product #12 - Ad Swap List Building Secrets

Discover How To Quickly and Easily Send Your List
Building Into Overdrive By Taking Advantage of the
Incredible Power of Adswaps...


Inside you'll discover:

How to quickly and easily boost the size of your list using the incredible power of adswaps.Best of all, it won't cost you a thing!

How to find the right adswap partners.Not all adswaps partners are equal - I'll show you how to find the right people to swap with for maximum results, as well as the people you should avoid at all costs.

How to make yourself attractive.Most people won't just adswap with anyone - you need to know how to make yourself attractive.

Designing your squeeze page - the different options open to you and how to find out which one will work best for you.

The secrets of success.I take you through everything and guide you from adswap newbie to full on expert!

MRR Product #13 - The Barking Videos

Stop Chasing Traffic Like A Puppy! It's Time To
Become An Internet Big Dog!


You can have a great product, a perfect sales letter and award-winning site design and still not make a dime as an Internet marketer. You still need that one last missing ingredient...


If you don't get visitors, you don't get sales. Without traffic, nothing else matters.

MRR Product #14 - 13 Mini-Reports

13 New Viral Reports That You Can Brand with Your
Own Website URL and with Master Resell Rights for
Automated Profits and Guaranteed Traffic!


Instantly get 13 reports that you can brand with your URLs, and let the viral nature of these reports do the work for you. These reports cover a wide variety of marketing topics, so you're sure to find something that your site visitors and subscribers can benefit from!

MRR Product #15 - It's All In The List

Discover How To Build A List Of Hungry Subscribers
Eager To Learn & Buy Everything You've Got...


So are you ready to start building and making money from a powerful list?

If so, what I'm about to show you is a complete guide on how to build a list from the ground up...

Why should you build a list?

Guidelines in starting your email list.

How to choose an autoresponder service to help build your list.

How to start building your list - use these 4 definite ways to build your list.

How to get people to opt-in to your list.

Giving away freebies to rapidly build your list.

How to write a newsletter that people love.

How to make money from your list. I'll show you easy ways on how to monetize your list.

Launch Your Very First CPA Campaign

10 powerful ways to build your list. These tips can be implement right away, no matter whether you're a beginner or an experienced marketer.

+ much, much more!

MRR Product #16 - How To Write Quality Targeted Content

Learn Some Quick Tricks Of Writing High-Quality,
Targeted Content For Websites And Give A Boost
To The Number Of Page Visits


Learn some easy tactics of generating focused content, pull more traffic to your web page and decrease the bounce rate

Find out primary keywords, deploy them throughout the content and let Google spiders list your website on the first search engine result page

Do not allow SEO companies to take credit for your success! Learn search engine optimization strategies and add another feather to your cap


MRR Product #17 - Sales Letters For Newbies

How YOU Can Write Your Own Sales Letter - Which
How YOU Can Write Your Own Sales Letter -
- And Save Up To $10,000
From Hiring Your Own Copywriter!


How to format your sales letter like a champion

The true concept of a sales letter that never fails to sell!

The 5 types of headlines you should be aware of and how you can use them in your favor.

How you can address your prospect and qualify them to read your sales letter.

MRR Product #18 - Power Effects v2

You're About to Discover How This Amazing Web
Technology Can Transform More of Your Bored
Prospects Into Paying Customers . . .


If you want to create dazzling attention-getting effects on your website—designed to elevate your product above a sea of "me too" offers and lame sales letters—here's something I think you'll want to see.

You can quickly and easily add these special effects to your websites and create a dynamic environment that your visitors will absolutely love!

MRR Product #19 - Website Advertising Guide

Discover How to Get a Steady Flow of Traffic
to Any Website You Want
Using A Variety of Simple, Effective Tactics!


You’ve setup your website, and now it’s time to start making some money, but there is just one little problem. How do you go about promoting your website? A website without traffic is not going to make any money!

MRR Product #20 - 10 Niche Booklets

Instantly Add 10 Niche Products
That You Can Start Selling for Huge Profits!


These 10 niche products include topics like health & fitness, beauty, dog care, fashion, gardening, home repair, and more!

You can sell these individually or as a package and keep 100% of the profits . . .

MRR Product #21 - Instant Keyword Riches

Discover The Keyword Tactics To Drive Free
& Profitable Traffic To Any Site In Just Minutes!


How to determine what keywords to use within your affiliate campaigns for maximum conversions and profits!

Simplify your keyword research and uncover some of the hottest keywords for insanely profitable markets, instantly!

What you need to know about long-tail versus short-tail keywords that will have a dramatic impact on your overall profit!

Quick & Easy keyword research strategies, including our top tools and resources!

And Much More!

MRR Product #22 - The YouTube Revolution

You're About to Gain Access to These Incredible Tips
And Tools To Help You Maximize Your Exposure
On YouTube…


Find out what YouTube is all about, and how it can create a successful platform for your business, product or service overnight…

Discover the #1 secret to creating a YouTube video that will rank highly, and gain featured status among YouTube users…

Discover how to use YouTube to send private messages to your opt-in list, and get them to click through to your site…

MRR Product #23 - Unlimited Product Ideas

Powerful Product Brainstorming Methods That Will
Allow You To Generate 7 New Profitable Product
Plans Every Single Day Of The Week Without Fail -
Anywhere & Anytime You Want!


Learn how to tap into a constant flow of ideas that will never leave you wondering what you can sell next

Discover why your ideas are being stolen as you read this

Avoid the number 1 downfall of online business people trying to create products of any sort

Are you committing business suicide by selecting the wrong products to create?

MRR Product #24 - Magical Words That Sell

Instantly Get Your Hands On Winning Headlines And
Words You Can Use In Your Copy or
Advertising To Increase Sales!


A complete guide filled with various types of winning words and phrases to help you sell more of your products.

Lots of Headlines you can quickly swipe into your advertisements and sales copy.

How to use the AIDA principle to construct your sales copy.

Powerful words you can use in any situation to influence and motivate others.

And Much, Much More!

MRR Product #25 - 7 Day Product Creation

Finally! Discover How To Create
Your Very Own Hot Selling Information Product
In The Next 7 Days or Less…
Even If You're a Complete Newbie!


This ebook shows you how to quickly and easily get an idea for a hot selling product. Let's face it - your info product needs to have people reaching for their wallet. You need to create something people want to get their hands on. Inside I'll show you how to come up with the perfect idea time and time again...

MRR Product #26 - Making an Income From Online Videos

Making a Significant Income From Online Videos
Is Easier Than You Think . . .


This guide is full of easy, practical tips to help you start making money from videos online. Many people tend to stay away from video because they think it is too difficult for them, but with this guide at your side you'll see that the exact opposite is true!

MRR Product #27 - Directory Submitter

Discover How This Cool New Application Can Help
Boost Your Link Building And SEO Efforts Instantly!


Automatically rotate multiple titles, descriptions and keywords to make sure your links seem natural and be able to rank for multiple keywords

Saves your previous work and records the sites that you have submitted to

Contains over 200 directories that you can submit your sites to

Loads up to 10 browsers at the same time to speed up your submission process

MRR Product #28 - Making Money With AutoResponders

Don’t Waste Any More Time Searching For
Elusive Answers Because You Just Found The First Step To
"Making Money With Auto Responders"


Exactly How To Utilize The Power Of Autoresponders And Make Unbelievable Amounts Of Money

The Lazy Way To Conduct Marketing Surveys That Will Determine Where The Real Profits Are

The Killer Unknown Strategies And Methods To Making Your Product Irresistible...

MRR Product #29 - Internet Marketers Guide to Article Marketing

Discover How To Get Hordes of Free Traffic, Free
Publicity and Increased Sales From Simple Articles


The bare essentials you need to know about article marketing

Four types of articles you can write

Seven rules you should follow when submitting your articles

Going viral with article marketing

Tips on how to write better articles

How to optimize your anchor text and why the keywords you choose is important

MRR Product #30 - Underground Outsourcing Strategies

If You're Tired Of Being A Slave To Your Business,
Let Me Show You How You Can Quickly And Easily
Set Yourself Free And Profit Like Never Before...


The truth about outsourcing – what is it?

7 ways you'll grow your business with outsourcing

7 ways to outsource your marketing

The 2 best sites to find qualified workers ready for your outsourced work

4 important things to remember when outsourcing ANY project, especially to someone you've never met

And More!

MRR Product #31 - Hub Blueprint - Version 2.0

Average Joe Reveals The Stupid-Simple Hottest Web
2.0 Traffic Property That Brought In

10,658 FREE Visitors in 6 Days


Instant Indexing - Hub Pages Get Indexed Very Quickly

Google Loves Hub Pages - Need We Say More?

Easy To Use - Hub Pages Are Pretty Straight Forward, especially with our Step By Step Guide

MRR Product #32 - 12 WordPress Themes

Make Your Blog Standout With These
Exclusive Power Series Wordpress Themes!


In this collection you'll find 12 great themes: Power Black, Power Red, Power Blue, Power Green, Power White each with left and right column variants - PLUS: Power Ai, Power Neo 3 Column

MRR Product #33 - Ready Made Sales Letters

5 Sales Letter Templates Ready Made - Edit & Modify These to Fit What YOU Need!


MRR Product #34 - 48 Hour Affiliate Action Plan

Who Else Wants To Start Making
Real Money Online In The Next 2 Days?


New Report Gives You A Step-By-Step Action Plan To Show You How To Create Your Own Money Making Website In Less That 48 hours!

Bonus: Private Label Rights Included!

MRR Product #35 - List Building Explained

Finally! . . . An Easy Way for Newbies to Understand
List Building, and How Even the Newest
Internet Marketer Can Start Building
Their Own High-Powered Email List!


5 simple proven ways to build your list in just minutes.

Learn how to design subscriber pulling web pages so people visiting your site automatically jump to sign up for your list.

The secrets to double opt-in lists, and how you can use them to guarantee your success.

And More!

MRR Product #36 - Tangible Profits Blueprint

Discover How Easy It Is To Cash In
On Thousands Of Tangible Affiliate Products Online
Without Ever Having To Worry About Stock,
Shipping Or Customer Support!


Exponential Profit Multiplier is an easy-to-install traffic generating system that is guaranteed to bring you loads of traffic from every visitor.

MRR Product #37 - Internet Marketing Starts Here

Sack Your Boss And Write Your Own Paycheck
By Following The Proven System Written By The Guy Who Made It!


Internet Marketing Starts Here will show you how to start out for free, how to create an action plan that will work for you, how to avoid the common pitfalls, and much more!

MRR Product #38 - CB Affiliate Reward System

Are You Ready To Put More Money In Your
Bank Account, Spend Less On Advertising And
Have More Free Time To Do What You Want?


This Brand New System Motivates Your Affiliates To Make More Sales, Increases Their Earnings And Multiplies Your Profits!

"Bonus: Private Label Rights Included!

MRR Product #39 - Bum Marketing Secrets Revealed

Discover How to Make $100 - $200 or More Each Day
with Bum Marketing!


The secret to writing great articles fast – what you read here is sure to surprise you!

How to find hot niches that will explode your profits – it’s much easier than you think!

How to find the most profitable products – and then fit your articles to those products

And More!

MRR Product #40 - The 17 Method

Discover The Seventeen Simple 'Tweaks' You Can
Use To Add A Zero Onto The End Of My Email Marketing Earnings


How to get other people to build your list for you

Let other people do all the work while you pocket recurring payments

How to have your readers waiting in anticipation for your next email

And Much More!

MRR Product #41 - Adsense Cash Crave

New Adsense Formula Revealed:
Learn How You Can Quickly And Easily Generate Residual Profits From Google Adsense,
Month After Month!


Give Me 45 Minutes And I'll Teach You To Use The Most Powerful Tool On The Internet (Google Adsense) To Create Multiple Income Streams!

MRR Product #42 - CoRegistration Secrets Revealed

Are You Ready To Discover The Incredible Co-Registration Marketing Secrets That Will Put Your List Building On Complete Autopilot?


How To Build Your List Faster, Easier And Safer Than Ever Before!

MRR Product #43 - Squidoo Basics

How to Use “Squidoo” to Launch Your Business and Persuade Thousands of Visitors To Pay You
For Your Expert Knowledge And Products!


Use to skyrocket your credibility and trustworthiness using Web 2.0 technology…

MRR Product #44 - Free Traffic for Broke Marketers

It's a Simple Fact - The FREE Traffic Generation
Methods In This Book Work Better For Me
Than Any Paid Marketing I've Ever Used.


How to get traffic to your websites for FREE - as often as you like and whenever you like

The main mistakes that most broke marketers make when trying to attract free traffic

The one simple traffic technique that can vastly increase your site visits

MRR Product #45 - High Response Sales Letters

How To Write High Response Sales Letters
In Just 25 Minutes With These 6 Quick And Easy Steps
That Work Every Single Time...
Even If You've Never Written One Before!


Learn the exact tested and proven methods Internet Guru's use to rake in fortunes online with their sales letters.

MRR Product #46 - Membership Site Profits

Here's How You Can Quickly & Easily
Start Your Own Paid Membership Site
and Watch Your Income Take Off In Just Weeks!


The Days Of Free Content Are Gone - People Are Suffering From Information Overload, and They're Scrambling To Pay To Have It Delivered To Them In An Organized Manner . . .

MRR Product #47 - The Newbie Toolkit

3 Step-By-Step Guides Showing You Everything
You Need to Know to Get Started . . .


How to Register and Host Your First Domain

How to Build and Upload Your First Website

How to Get an Promote Your First Affiliate Products


MRR Product #48 - Viral Marketing Unleashed

Discover The Amazing Viral Marketing Tactics That Teach You How To Get Other People To Willingly Build Your List, Traffic & Sales!


And Why You'll Never Have To Pay Them A Single Dime To Do It . . .

MRR Product #49 - Zero to Fifty in 30 Days!

Give Me 2 ½ Minutes And I'll Show You This
Brand New System That Will Have You Making
At Least $50 A Day . . . In Just 30 Days!


It will NOT take you years to learn everything you need to know.

You do NOT need a lot of money to start.

You do NOT need to know everything there is to start earning good money.

You do NOT need to come up with anything revolutionary.

MRR Product #50 - Guru Craft

Discover The Secret Of Achieving SuperFast
Credibility Using The Same Techniques
The Gurus Use


With a few simple techniques you can be perceived as an expert in your chosen niche, topic or field with surprisingly little work.

The gurus know this and have been using these simple but deadly- effective techniques for years. Think about it - think of a subject and Google it - you'll instantly come across 'experts' in the niche.

MRR Product #51 - Interstitial Links Manager

What If You Can Have The Ultimate System That
Allows YOU To Offer Tons Of Offers Doubling Your
Profits Through A Single Download Link?


Control how long each offer lasts

Set the sequence of your offers

Allows your visitors to pause/repeat or skip offers

Use it as a link cloaker

Have unlimited offers for each campaign = unlimited offers in just one single link

MRR Product #52 - One Time Offers Uncovered

Discover How You Can Double Or Triple Your Sales
By Using The “One Time Offer” Effectively


How to create an interesting OTO that heightens the customer’s buying experience.

Proven techniques for pitching clever OTOs that work almost every time.

What the best OTO is and how to incorporate it when selling anything, anytime, anywhere.

And More!

MRR Product #53 - Testing Your Way to Profits

Do You Know How To Properly Test Your Website To
Make Sure Your CTR Is The Highest Possible?


Learn How To Do Comparative Site Testing On Every Single One Of Your Sites!

Learn The Right Way To Track Your Results To Provide Accurate Data!

Find Out How To Organize Your Results So The Profits Keep Rolling In!

And More!

MRR Product #54 - Video Creation Secrets

Discover How YOU Can Take Advantage of the Video
Boom By Creating Your Own High Quality
Video Products . . .


Now YOU Can Finally Learn All the ins and outs of Creating Your Own Video Product . . . and it's broken down into simple terms ANYONE can understand

Are you ready to learn what marketing experts have known for quite awhile about creating your own video products? It's simple with this step by step guide.

MRR Product #55 - List Building Fire

You Too Can Generate Thousands Of Subscribers To
Your List In Any Niche Using These
Powerful Tactics...
Boost Your Link Building And SEO Efforts Instantly!

Implement Any Of These 50 Tactics To Start Building
A Targeted List Of Subscribers!


The fastest and easiest way to build your list starting from zero!

How to "split-test" campaigns so you'll know exactly which page converts better so you can get even more subscribers.

How to use viral marketing to spread the word so you can generate tons of subscribers with less time and effort!

Sneaky ways to build your list.

And Much, Much More!

MRR Product #56 - Ebook Money Machine

Rake In Real Cash 24/7 With Your Own
Ebook Business In A Week From Now -
It's Like Having Your Own Private Money Machine!


It doesn't matter if you're brand new to the Internet, or don't want to work hard, or you can't write can make a killing fast with this simple, proven system...and build a successful business that lets you retire to your beach house!

MRR Product #57 - Mastering the Adwords Cash Mountain

Who Else Wants to Tame the Adwords Beast
& Tap Into a Tsunami of People Eager to
Spend Money on Whatever You're Offering?


There is a mountain of money growing larger out there and the smart marketers who know how to climb the cash mountain are making a killing!

MRR Product #58 - List Blueprint

Ordinary Guy Reveals The Shockingly Simple
Paint-By-Numbers Blueprint He Used To Go
From Zero Subscribers & Zero Cash to A
Starving Crowd of Over 25,000 Without Spending
a Single Dime On Traffic


Discover the niche that brought in over 4,000 new subscribers in just 30 days, and is now well over 25,000 highly responsive subscribers.

You'll learn the step by step method that was used, including what to do before you even start, how to generate the traffic, how to profit from your subscribers, and more!

MRR Product #59 - Special Offer Manager

DISCOVER How You - Or Anyone - Can Make More &
More Money Online With Simple Yet Very Powerful
Tool For Displaying Special Offers OR,
One Time Offers On Your Website...


Create time limited special offers for your website visitors.

Ability to rotate unlimited offers or only use for single offer

Your subscribers will know you mean it when you say Special Offer, causing Urgency resulting in more Profits!

No ploy, no gimmick. The real deal. It's a fact and Now they will believe it and take you up on your next Special Offer for fear of missing out!

MRR Product #60 - Your Affiliate Force

How To Establish Your Own Highly Successful
Affiliate Program That's Jam-Packed To The Brim
With Loyal, Motivated, Profit-Pulling Affiliates


You Can Get Tens Of Thousands Of Visitors That Want To Buy Your Product Without Spending A Cent On Advertising, Just By Having Your Own Affiliate Army Promoting YOUR Products!

Learn How With Your Affiliate Force!

MRR Product #61 - Forum Traffic Secrets

Use These Simple, Unique and Little-Known
Forum Marketing Techniques and Be In Profit in Less Than 24 Hours- 100% Guaranteed!


Why forums are one of the most overlooked goldmines on the internet...

How to pick a forum "username" that will help you make more money (short-term AND long-term).

How to use forums to find out what your market really wants to buy...

How to increase the profitability of your signature file by 200%, 300% or even 400% - instantly!

And More!

MRR Product #62 - Instant Auto Profits

Discover How I Made $1000 In 2 Days Using The Power Of Forums and Joint Ventures


Anyone can duplicate the success of this case study by following these simple steps, even if you are not a "big time" marketer!

MRR Product #63 - Copywriting Basics

Learning Web Copywriting On Your Own Could
Take ages... Accelerate your learning process,
and become an effective web copywriter


Writing effective copy is one of the best skills to have - if you can write your own profit pulling copy, you'll be miles ahead of your competition.

By learning some simple techniques, you'll be able to increase the number of people who take the action you want them to take.

Learn how in this easy to follow guide!

MRR Product #64 - Mining Your Fortune on the Internet

Discover A Newbies Guide To A Profitable
Online Business… That Runs On Auto-Pilot And Earns You
A Constant Monthly Residual Income!


Starting an online business has never been easier. Hundreds of thousands of people are making a full time income working part time hours from the comfort of their own home, and if you want to join them, you need to grab this guide . . .

MRR Product #65 - My Internet Marketing Newsletter

Publish Your Own Wildly Successful (And Profitable)
Newsletter Without Writing One Single Word
Yourself & Become A Recognized Expert In The
Internet Marketing Field Almost Effortlessly!


100 Newsletters To Cover Your Publishing For Years

High Quality Content

Perfectly Formatted

Quick Copy & Paste Setup

Profitable Information You Can Use Yourself!

MRR Product #66 - 30 Day Bum Marketing Blitz

Now You Can Follow Simple Action Steps To Make a
Pile of Cash From BUM Marketing!


The biggest problem most people face with BUM Marketing is having a process to follow where they can select a product to promote, create the articles to promote that product, get the articles online so they can 'do their job' and start making enough money to build the momentum to make more and more sales.

This IS that plan!

MRR Product #67 - Graphic Design for Beginners

Discover Critical Information You Need To Know If You Want To Become An Elite Graphic Designers


Get a leg up on your competition and quickly figure out what it takes to get your career as a graphic designer off the ground as soon as possible!

MRR Product #68 - Instant Adsense Article Directory

At Last! You Can Make Money With
Google AdSense… With Your Very Own "Authority" Site
Without Having To Write One Word of Content!


After months of creating a super to easy article directory script along with one of the most secret and underground strategies, we're finally going to give you the chance to create a high ranking authority site in any niche you want no matter how much competition...

MRR Product #69 - Traffic Generation Techniques

Discover AMAZING Secrets You Can Use to
Consistently Drive Steady Streams of Targeted
Traffic to ANY Website!


The two strategies of traffic generation

Three ways traffic can generate piles and piles of money for you

Traffic generation techniques to avoid

How to use article marketing to send your traffic skyrocketing

And More!

MRR Product #70 - Words to Profit

Learn What Words Grab Your Prospects By Their
Eyeballs, Build Unshakeable Trust And Gently Guide
Them To The Buy Button!


How to write in a way that looks normal to everyone else but your chosen reader will home in on it like a guided missile and know you are talking to them!

The 5 devious psychological triggers you can implant into your writing to get what you want!

100 power words you can use to make explosive headlines and bullet points, use with care!

MRR Product #71 - How to Write Successful Emails

Use The Power Of Emails To Bring In Cash Virtually
On Demand Whenever You Want!


Finally learn the techniques used by top marketers to become top affiliates whenever they send a single email. You can't keep hoping that you are writing good emails, take the time to learn what you are missing.

MRR Product #72 - Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction: The Secret to Fulfilling Your
Heart’s Desires Without Ever Leaving the Privacy of
Your Own Mind


How your attitudes affect your daily experiences

How to change those attitudes to draw what you want most in life to you rather than you to it

The true secret to success, and

What the people of the eastern nations have known for years that we are just beginning to figure out

MRR Product #73 - Outsourcing Secrets

Tips And Secrets To Help You Outsource
Successfully… So Anyone Can Avoid Costly Errors
And Outpace The Competition Without
Breaking A Sweat


What outsourcing really is and how you can use it to bolster your success and encourage diversity within your business

The 3 core concepts underlying outsourcing that will ensure your business success

The top 3 jobs to outsource and places you can find competent and professional contractors

The #1 place to find outsourcing programmers, writers and related contractors to save you time and money while working

MRR Product #74 - Visualize and Attack

Imagine Having Anything You Want By
Just ‘Thinking’ About It-- I Know It Sounds Crazy...
But Many Success Gurus And Thousands of Ordinary
People Around The World, Can Swear By This One
Technique To Bring Prosperity Into Their Lives!


How to lift the limitations from your mind that is suppressing your achievable desire to be manifested

Discover the greater inner power and strength you possess all of this while but it was ‘buried’ because you did not know ‘these’

How to attract what you’re thinking right now through simple to follow steps

MRR Product #75 - Social Media Riches

Are You Turning Your Own Social Site Visits
Into Cash? If Not, Do You Want to Literally STEAL
This Secret Technique Today?


You'll learn the secrets discovered on how you can cash in on these communities and put some extra money in your pockets - all the while having some fun at the same time!

MRR Product #76 - Internet Marketing Profit Plan

If You Are Struggling to Make Money Online,
Then You're Probably Missing Just a Few Pieces
of The Puzzle!


This product was created to cut through all crap that people are being sold which teach fancy tricks and techniques to make money. This book teaches you the essential skills and tools you need to stand up and stake a claim on your share of the cash being spent online!

MRR Product #77 - How to Get 1 Million Visitors Free!

Discover How to Get One Million Visitors to Your
Website For Free in This Easy to Follow Interview!


Learn how to get 1 million visitors to your website without costing you a penny. The report reveals 3 surefire ways to kick start your traffic today!

MRR Product #78 - How to Write Blog Posts That Suck Visitors In!

If You Are Struggling to Get People
to Read Your Blog Posts,
This Report Can Put an End to it!


Discover the 4 step process to creating an irresistible blog that practically sucks visitors to your site! Also learn about the different kind of blog posts that are proven to attract the most visitors every time!

MRR Product #79 - Duplicate Content Detonator

Now You Can Easily Turn Any Content You Have Into
A Brand New Original Article With This
Simple To Use Push Button Software
That Even A Child Can Operate!


Never worry about duplicate content penalties again because this point and click software will give you a never ending stream of original content to pull in search engine visitors and more sales!

You can take your current PLR articles and spin one article into 100 articles in no time flat with this amazing new software!

MRR Product #80 - The Amazon Reviewer

Start Building Your Own Network Of
Amazon Review Sites Using My Simple,
Clear-Cut ‘Newbie Friendly’ System!


Here's some of what you'll learn in this extensive video course:

Check out which products to choose that would enable you to earn the maximum commission from Amazon.

Learn what category of products to choose and what to stay away from.

Learn exactly what you should look for in a product and things you need to study and need to note down about a product.

Also get an understanding of parameters that you should look for while choosing a product.

Get an understanding about the information you would definitely need to have about a product and how it would help.

Understand what kind of information would attract people towards your products and help you achieve the highest commissions

Learn which portions of the details of the product you would need to highlight and the length of a product review.

Also get to know which part of a product's description you should rewrite, which parts you should leave original and the easiest way to do that.

Get an understanding about why you should outsource your writing work.

Also understand how to get the reviews of your products written easily thereby making your job simple.

Get to know how much you would end up spending and how soon you could get your reviews completed for you.

Attain information on where you could look for more information on your products and what information would help you build credibility.

Learn what details you would need to include, especially the pros and cons of a particular product.

And Much More!

MRR Product #81 - The Master Guide to PLR

Who Else Wants To Tap Into The PLR Craze,
and Turn Those Old Dusty Source Files Into Cold Hard Cash?


From Content Producers, To Info Product Marketer's, Everyone Is Tapping Into PLR, Isn't About Time You Learned The Top Tactics To PLR Dominance?

MRR Product #82 - All Rights Made Easy

Are You Tired of Trying to Figuring Out
Just What All of the Different Rights Really Mean?


span class="more">If you’ve ever tried to sort through the world of resell rights, you probably noticed there are nearly a dozen terms bandied about as if everyone knows what they mean. Problem is, plenty of people don’t know what they mean – and that includes some of the marketers who are selling rights to their products!

MRR Product #83 - Redirection Rocket

Turn Those Long Nasty Affiliate Links Into Powerful,
Search Engine Friendly Tracking Links Guaranteed
To Increase Your Clickthroughs Up To 300%


In Less Than 10 Minutes You Could Have The "Redirection Rocket" Script On Your Website & Less Than 10 Seconds Later Your Links Will Look Like The Pros

MRR Product #84 - Adsense Secrets Unleashed

Here's Your Golden Opportunity To Uncover How
YOU Can Earn A Comfortable Living With
Google Adsense... In A Very Detailed, Step-By-Step,
Paint-By-Numbers Fashion!


The Adsense Secrets Unleashed! trilogy comes in 3 E-Books - tailor made for beginners who are new to the entire cutting-edge concept of making money from Google Adsense.

This is your opportunity to discover how you too can boost your monthly income by adding a new time-tested revenue stream to your arsenal of web sites - PLUS MUCH MORE!

MRR Product #85 - CPA Explosion

Not Making Money With PPC Anymore?
Explode Your Profit Potential With CPA . . .


Understand What CPA Is And How It Can Make You Money

Generate The Targeted Leads That Companies Pay The Big Bucks For

Launch Your Very First CPA Campaign

Get Some Of The World's Biggest Companies To Recommend Your Campaigns

And Much More!

MRR Product #86 - List Building Firepower

Discover 100 Ways To Ignite Your
Opt-In Subscribers . . . It's Like Having
100 Rounds Of List Building Ammunition
To Use At Your Disposal!


This report includes some of the most effective list building techniques ever designed, and its short and concise style makes it perfect if you're looking for quick list building tactics!

MRR Product #87 - Sales Page Rapid Fire

Who Says Making a Sales Page Can't Be Easy?
With This Software, You Can Quickly Pump Out
High Quality Sales Pages With Ease!


TJust think about it. Which of the following would you rather be doing? Spending time with the kids, going out to eat, watching a good movie or trudging through creating a time-consuming sales page?

The answer, I'm sure you'll agree, is obvious. Anything but dragging your feet through sales page hell!

MRR Product #88 - Finding Profitable Niches

Incredible Insider Secrets Revealed: How To Find
Your Very Own Massively Profitable Niches!


Learn this easy step by step approach to brainstorming and qualifying your possible niches

Discover The best FREE resources to research your most suitable niches

See in a glance if any given niche will be profitable or not

Discover how to Build Your List before you even start to produce a product

And So Much More!

MRR Product #89 - Article Marketing 101

Discover How to Use Article Marketing to Send Your
Online Profits Soaring Through the Roof!


How to write articles that will grab your readers’ attention and never let go

How to create a resource box that will compel readers to click on your link

5 tips for writing articles

6 common article marketing mistakes

How to use article marketing to create free reports for viral marketing

And More!

MRR Product #90 - Easy Profit System

This System Has Been Designed to Teach Real People
How to Earn Real Money from the Internet
in Plain Terms so You Can Put it into
ACTION Immediately!


Earning money online doesn't have to be a difficult process. In fact, it's quite simple. And all it takes is four easy steps. Whether you're a novice, or someone with experience under their belt, this system WILL enable you to generate an income from the internet!

MRR Product #91 - Impact PopUp

Grab Your Visitors By The Eyeballs, Explode Your
Profits, And Practically Force Your Prospects To See
Your Message With The Latest Profit Producing
Technology ... "Impact" PopUps!


What if I could show you a way to capture your visitors attention, force them to read your most important message, and do it with just a few simple clicks? Would that interest you? Popups are effective, but traditional popups only work if your visitor doesn't have a popup blocker installed.

Impact PopUp uses specialized technology that is smart enough to get around those pesky popup blockers!

MRR Product #92 - Internet Marketing Star Blueprint

Grab This Rare Opportunity To Increase Your Success By Learning The Methods One Marketer Used To Go From Nada To Regular $100,000 Paychecks...


This man's internet marketing talent and knowledge is so powerful and profitable that marketers pay him over $1000.00 an hour just to pick his brain!

MRR Product #93 - Opt-In List Building

Discover How to Build a Large Opt-In Subscriber List
And Send Your Sales & Profits SKYROCKETING …
in No Time!


How to create a website that makes people feel like they absolutely must opt-in to your list

5 keys to building your list as fast as possible

How to use landing pages, squeeze pages, gift pages and benefits pages to draw prospects to your opt-in email list like ants are drawn to a picnic

And Much More!

MRR Product #94 - Adsense Profits Exposed

Discover The Simple Steps To Creating As Many
Niche Websites You'd Like -- Each One Sucking In
Cash Using The Power of Adsense...


The ins and outs of Adsense and how to start using it to your advantage

How to develop and design a niche Adsense website - follow this simple guide to get the highest click-throughs

Exactly what content you will need for your niche Adsense website. Content is king but knowing what to write can be confusing

And More!

MRR Product #95 - Tag & Ping Basics

Deliver Targeted Traffic Straight To Your Site At
The Snap Of A Finger . . . And It Doesn’t Cost A Thing!


Stop jumping from traffic method to traffic method. You’re about to discover a revolutionary new traffic building tool that will drive thousands of targeted customers to your doors in minutes, not hours.

Tagging and pinging is only for serious web owners that are interested in a revolutionary new idea. If you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn what it takes to make tagging work, then I’ll share with you my secrets.

MRR Product #96 - The Niche Dominator

Use This Smart, Already-Proven Methodology To Dominate Your Niche And Then Use Your Influence To Market To Your Very Own Devoted Members!


Quickly & Easily Dominate ANY Niche You Desire With The Use Of Free Membership Sites - Using Our Step By Step Guide!

MRR Product #97 - Affiliate Review Riches Exposed

They laughed When I Said I Could Generate
Residual Income With Just One Little Review Site!
But When The Affiliate Commission
Started Coming In By The Thousands . . .


The Concepts Behind Monetizing Affiliate Review Sites

How You Can Implement These Strategies No Matter What Niche Market You Are In

Techniques On How To Find The Right Product To Promote

How To Rake In Residual Income… Month After Month

And More!

MRR Product #98 - Creating and Managing A Membership Site

Discover The Simple Steps to Starting
and Managing Your Very Own Membership Sites!


Membership sites are a great source of recurring income, and really are not hard to set up. This guide will take you by the hand and show you how to get your very own membership site up and running and ready to take on new members!

MRR Product #99 - PLR Voodoo

Warning - The Following Information May Help You
Actually Start - USING - All The PLR Content You Have
Collecting "Digital Dust" On Your Hard Drive . . .


The Big Profit PLR "Broker" Strategy Exposed

The Fast Way To "Niche-ify" PLR Products For Maximum Sales, Better Conversions & Higher Profits

The Real Reason Why PLR Content (Used Right) Can Be Even An Average Writer's "Secret Weapon"

And Much More!

MRR Product #100 - Building Your Online Business on Today's Internet

Discover Everything You Need to Know About
Building And Maintaining An Online Business in The
Ever-Changing World of Today's Internet!


If you have been sitting around wondering how some people seem to get so darn rich off of the internet when you are wasting your time trying to sell a few odds and ends online, stop wondering and start doing! This book will tell you step by step, in easy to understand details, just how to use the current internet to market the your product.

MRR Product #101 - Web Elements E-Z Tools

Add Interactive JavaScript Featuresbr/> to Your Websites in Minutes!


Now you can create professional attention grabbing interactive website features in minutes right from your desktop with this powerhouse collection of 14 java script generators and wizards !

MRR Product #102 - One Month to Your Own Online Business

Get Your Own Online Business Up and Running In
Just One Month, Ready to Take Orders!


These strategies for setting up an internet marketing business quickly will have you up and running your own virtual money making machine faster than any bank could ever foreclose on your house.

In fact, you might find it embarrassing that you have so much extra cash while your friends and colleagues still struggle to make ends meet!

MRR Product #103 - The SEO Wars

Who Else Wants to End Countless Hours of Rebellion
And Come Over From The Dark Side To Learn How To
Become The Ultimate Search Engine Optimization
Jedi Master!?


On page tricks to getting high rankings

Linking tricks that get traffic quickly

Getting listed faster than you ever thought possible

Hybrid SEO

Easy submission guidelines

Secret tools list

Easy to follow system!

MRR Product #104 - Tell A Friend Detonator XL

Boost Your Subscriber List Up to More Than 300% by
Using This Unique Self Destructing Tell A Friend
Bonus Script!


Imagine having a system that grabs your visitor with an irresistible bonus......but makes sure that their referred friends gets there before they ever see the bonus downloads.

If you want to max out on the list building potentials of ANY of YOUR websites, then Tell A Friend Detonator XL can perk up you sluggish list in less than 24 hours!

MRR Product #105 - Awesome Link Effects

No More Boring Old Links Opening In A New Window...
Keep Your Visitors On YOUR Website
Regardless Of Where You Link To!


How many visitors have left your site never to return after clicking on one of your links to an external webpage? Well those days are over. Now you can have pages open over the top of your website without fear of losing visitors.

MRR Product #106 - eWriter Pro

Now You Can Easily Create Highly Profitable
Professional Looking PDF Ebooks Without Paying
Hundreds Of Dollars For Complicated Software And
Without Fiddling Around With Clunky
Word Processors!


Have you been looking for a way to simplify your PDF creation?

Have you been looking for a better and easier way to work with your articles?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you will be excited to know that you are about to learn how you can combine these two tasks into one simple program and much more . . .

MRR Product #107 - Magic Formula

Are You Frustrated That Your Online Business Is
Sinking? Then You'll Jump For Joy When You
Discover The 14 Easy & Simple Tips You Can Apply
Today To Transform It!


Inside The Magic Formula you'll discover the real reasons so that you can take the steps to TURN THINGS AROUND once and for all - I GUARANTEE that if you're NOT currently seeing success in your business, you'll find yourself identifying with at least ONE of these boulders that lie in your path.

And you'll be glad to know inside The Magic Formula we'll dissect and eliminate them all.

MRR Product #108 - Sales Intimidator

Use This Powerful New Software To Literally Force
Your Visitors To Buy Your Products, Spend MORE
Money, And Keep Coming Back For More!


To make more money from your website, you need to increase conversions on the traffic you are already getting. You need your sales page to sell more copies, and you need your visitors to spend more money with you.

The "Sales Intimidator" Does Exactly That!

MRR Product #109 - Unstoppable Product Creation

Who Else Wants to Discover How to Create
Profit-Generating Info-Products WITHOUT Creating
the Actual Product Using these 10 Tested and Proven
Ways For Creating Passive Income Businesses...


Give Me Just 42 Minutes and I'll Tell You How To Create Your Own Products From Scratch - Even if You're a Beginner - I've Created Over 25 Products In Less Than Two Years - and I'm Revealing How You Can Do it Too...Want To Be Next?...

MRR Product #110 - Internet Marketing Essentials

Starting An Online Business Is NOT Easy,
But Life Is A Lot Easier If You Know The Basics!


Do you want to take advantage of what the Net offers? Do you want to make real, big money online? Then you must learn all the very basics from the ground to know what you are heading into, this is why you need a complete quick guide on the essentials of money-making in the Internet - Internet Marketing Essentials!

MRR Product #111 - Craigslist Advertising Revealed

Are You STILL Wasting Money On Ads That
Don’t Work? Well Stop The Madness…


Discover never before revealed secrets that will bring visitors to your ads and improve your click-thru rate tenfold…

There are subtle ways you can tweak your ad to make it more interesting, more intriguing – more likely to entice users to buy what it is you offer.

If you don’t know these little tricks that I’m about to tell you, you can lose out on hundreds, even thousands of dollars, depending on what it is you offer.

MRR Product #112 - Google LSI Handbook

Discover How To Unravel The Mysteries
Of Google’s Search Engine Rankings, and Stay
One Step Ahead Of The Rest In The keywords War!


You'll Be Able To Dig Deep Into Google's Brain, and Find Out For Yourself What Really Makes Google Tick When It Visits Your Site. If You're Nowhere To Be Seen On Google, Then You Owe It To Yourself To Keep Reading!

MRR Product #113 - Private Label Persuasion

Learn 101 Ways To Expand
Your Private Label Resell Profits!


These private label marketing strategies are perfect for any entreprenuer, business or information publisher that sells private label ebooks, articles, reports, memberships, sales letters, web site templates, graphics, etc.

Learn how to put your PLR content to good use, finally!

MRR Product #114 - Success for Affiliate Managers

Explode your Affiliate Income Today
By Learning FIRST How To Become A Successful Affiliate Manager!


Do you want to know everything there is to know about running a successful affiliate program that brings you money on autopilot? Then get your hands on this brand new e-book!

MRR Product #115 - Info Product Mania

Discover how a Produce Delivery Driver with No
Formal Business Training Quit his Day Job and Came
Home to Work Full Time as an Information Marketer!


Digital Information is in high demand, and millions of dollars are being made each year by entrepreneurs in the info product market. Recent studies have found that 90% of all Internet users are searching for some type of information. Nearly one hundred million new information seekers will come to the web this year.

Are you ready to profit from this flood of information-hungry surfers?

MRR Product #116 - Second Chance Profits

Discover How Your 'Exit Traffic' Can Tell You Exactly
How To Increase Your Sales, Get More Subscribers,
And Explode Your Profits... Literally Overnight!


Second Chance Profits deploys an unblockable pop up survey whenever someone leaves your site without buying or opting in to your list. It has been tested to work in any browser, and is 100% unblockable by any popup blocker available.

The first time I used an exit survey on one of my sites, the feedback I received after just one hour was worth GOLD!

MRR Product #117 - How to Sell in Any Market

Who Else Wants to Be Able to Sell in
Any Marketing and 'Recession Proof' Their Business?


Do you want to be able to keep selling your products, in any market you want, even during a recession?

Pick up this guide to learn how to change your marketing habits to reflect what people really need to hear in times like this!

MRR Product #118 - Profitable Products Weekly

Presenting - The Product Innovation Technique That Creates 7 New Products For Me To Sell Every Single Week Without Fail - And How You Can Do This Too


How would you like to learn the secret mechanics of lightning fast product creation and innovation that will allow you to create your own info product empire . . .

MRR Product #119 - The Beginners Guide to Web 2.0

Web 2.0 Is Not A New Technology, But It WILL
Way To Collaborate, Communicate, And MAKE
MONEY On The Web…


5 key features of Web 2.0 and how you can use them to your advantage whether promoting your business or creating a personal portfolio and commentary on the Web…

What Web 2.0 means to the future of Web, and whether you should start your own community-based web pages…

What social bookmarking is, and how you can use it to land higher page ranks on Google and other popular search engines

And Much More!

MRR Product #120 - Keyword Content Multiplier

Discover The Easy Way To Generate Multiple
Keyword Relevant Pages At The Click Of The Button!


Keyword Content Multiplier can quickly insert your specified keywords into web pages, creating multiple keyword relevant pages in seconds.

Perfect for PPC landing pages and allowing you to offer more relevant results to your visitors.

MRR Product #121 - Instant Niche Expert

Crank Out Articles & E-Mails That Sell Products Like
Crazy, Generate Loads Of LIFETIME Traffic & Position
You As The Expert In Your Field Quickly, Easily
And Without Hundreds Of Hours Of Training!


Become an expert in any niche by writing profitable emails and articles!

Would you like to make your emails & articles more profitable than you ever thought possible? If you would like to not just "make some money" with your e-mail and article efforts but some REAL cash that can help you make your dreams a reality you are in the right place.

MRR Product #122 - Viral Marketing Exposed

Finally! You're About To Discover, From This Free
Report, How You Can Use The Power of Viral
Marketing To Make People "Spread The Word" About
Your Product/Service Which Will Give You More
Traffic, Optins and Profits...


A clever technique to get people to spread the word about your site

Using incentives to gather affiliates who will bring you viral traffic

Using videos as another stream of viral traffic

What to do once you've launched your viral campaign

And More!

MRR Product #123 - Web Marketers Traffic Course

If You Want to Learn All of the Most Powerful Traffic
Generating Secrets That The Ultra Successful
Website Owners Are Currently Using, Then You'll
Want My Brand New Guide That Spills Their Traffic
Generating Secrets...


The #1 absolutely best method for traffic generation you can learn and apply. Ignore this tactic and your web site will suffer!

6 ways to get people to come back to your web site often

How to easily create 100% new original content for your web site

The best free advertising space you can find on the Internet

MRR Product #124 - Viral List Building Marathon Call with Jeff Dedrick and Liz Tomey

Listen In As Two Top Internet Marketers Reveal
Their Exact Success Secrets For Virally Building A List
Of Thousands Of Subscribers That Makes Them An
Average Of $1 A Month PER Subscriber They Have...


Jeff Dedrick and Liz Tomey did a 3 hour marathon call where they grilled each other about the exact steps and strategies they use to build their lists to tens of thousands of subscribers, and now you can have free access to this entire "strategy session!"

Private Label Rights Included!

MRR Product #125 - Video Clip Minisite Builder

Easily Build Unlimited Auto-Updating Niche Video Clip
Websites Using YouTube Videos


Video sites are hot and their popularity is sure to explode in 2009. People love looking at video clips, and the search engines love video clip websites.

Now you can cash in on the video craze by automatically compiling topic (niche) related video websites that people will love!

MRR Product #126 - Product Flipping for Cash

Learn How To Convert Resell Rights
And Private Label Products Sitting On Your Hard Drive
Gathering Digital Dust Into Cash-Generating
Assets That Makes Money For YOU At Will!


Discover the biggest lie about resell rights items and private label products that is sucking a majority of online marketers into poverty at warp speed... and how you can avoid this, step by step!

MRR Product #127 - Simple Form Builder

Easily Create Online Forms
With A Few Clicks Of A Button


If you have the need to create online forms, and are tired of doing them the hard way then you have found the solution, it is known as Simple Form Builder!

Easy to install, and creates standalone online forms that can be used on any sites or servers!

MRR Product #128 - Tube Traffic

Here's How To Get Unlimited New Visitors To Your
Websites Without Paying A Penny (Other Than Video
Production Costs) Using Free Online Video Sites
Like YouTube...


How to do important keyword research on YouTube before you ever start to plan your videos

The secret to increasing your video views with custom thumbnail images

How to build your own niche video community on YouTube with the groups feature

What you should absolutely NOT do after you've uploaded your video

And Much More!

MRR Product #129 - Easy Striped Backgrounds

How To Easily Add Web 2.0 Style Striped
Backgrounds To Your Sites...


Ever wanted to add those cool Web 2.0 style striped backgrounds to your websites? Don't know how to do it, or maybe you'd just don't want to waste your time trying to figure it out?

Well, I've done the legwork for you, and compiled a package of over 100 most popular striped backgrounds that you can easily add to your sites and all other graphics

MRR Product #130 - Profiting After the Sale

Is There Only One Buy Now Button On Your Page?
If You Think So, You Are Flushing
Good Money Down The Drain!


Implement The #1 Tool Every Successful Online Business Uses

Make Sales You Never Thought Possible Before!

Create A Cross Selling Bonanza!

Use OTO's, Upsells and Downsells Just Like The Pro's!

Sell To Each Customer Not Just Once, But Twice, Three Times...Even Four Times!

MRR Product #131 - Feedback Analyzer Pro

The UNIQUE eBay Software For BOTH the
eBay Buyer and eBay Seller!


Instantly separate the positive, neutral and negative comments into separate easy-to-read tables!

The UNIQUE eBay Software For BOTH the eBay Buyer and eBay Seller!

Edit any feedback list using the integrated filtering option.

Extract your own feedback comments, then use the NEW ad creator tool to create highly attractive feedback ads you can insert into your ebay auctions ... then watch your sales dramatically increase!

And More!

MRR Product #132 - Email Marketing Dynamo

Are You Ready To Become An Email Marketing
Dynamo? If Your Not Concentrating On
Building, Your Missing The Point!


You have heard it before, YOU must concentrate your efforts in building a profitable list. It goes without saying, that having a responsive list is like printing money on demand.

But first you need to know where to start, how to build trust, how to collect emails, simply strategies, if you have none of them down then you could be doomed for failure.

This guide will give you that foundation!

MRR Product #133 - Creating and Writing Your Blog

A Cash-Sucking Blog Isn't Born Overnight . . .
You Need to Learn How to Effectively Create Content
For Your Blog That Will Have Your Visitors Begging For More!


How to write great blog content

Ten tips on writing a blog post

How to write killer blog titles

Developing a writing style and voice for your blogs

The how and why of blogging

How to start blogging for profit

The different types of blog posts

And More!

MRR Product #134 - Cash Sucking Sales Letters

Discover The Simple And Proven Step-By-Step
Methods And Techniques To Creating Hypnotic Sales
Copy That Turns Visitors Into Eager To Buy
Paying Customers!


All you have to do is follow the easy to follow methods and techniques outlined in this straight to the point, no BS guide and your visitors will go from suspicious readers to trusting, eager to buy customers at the blink of an eye…

MRR Product #135 - Exit Prophet

New Technology Predicts The Very Moment
Someone Try's To Leave Your Website & Stops Them
Dead In Their Tracks With A Profit Pulling
Unblockable Exit Popup


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The Difference Between Offline and Online Copywriting

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Creating A Very Profitable Online Business Using


Are you looking for way to potentially make hundreds of thousands of dollars from your own online business? Most people today have at least thought about how they could make money by having a business online.

In order to have a profitable online business today, you need to be able to work within niches. Niches are pockets in the market that have not been over saturated by other businesses.

MRR Product #156 - Generating Daily Traffic To Your Website Quickly

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How generate an endless stream of free traffic by simply using this one technique

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MRR Product #157 - Ten Things You Need to Do to Succeed in 2009

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Listen in as Jeff Dedrick and John Hostler talk about the 10 most important things you need to do if you want to be successful in 2009. This call lasted for over an hour, and you also get the full transcript to the call!

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I will take you by the hand and walk you STEP BY STEP through the dynamic creation of the types of site I mention below.

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Confused by all the hype over Article Marketing? Not sure if Article Marketing is right for you? Wondering what the article format is for successful Article Marketing? And just what the heck IS an 'Author's Resource Box' anyway?

This report is designed to give you a quick overview of article marketing.

MRR Product #161 - Keyword Research Bible

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E-Mail Marketing Basics is your plain-language guide to Making Money from, and Building Traffic to, your own and affiliate web sites with your own Opt-in E-Mail Lists!

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Traffic is the most important aspect of any online business, and this guide will take you by the hand and show you several effective traffic generation methods.

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MRR Product #168 - The Business Tips Collection

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This great collection features a total of Over 200 valuable tips, packed into eight concise guides covering a range of important business topics.

These tips are delivered in a concise, no fluff manner so you don't have to waste your time finding the good stuff!

MRR Product #169 - Partnering With The Big Dogs

Amazing New Report Rips The Lid Off The Internet
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Not only is Partnering With The Big Dogs! full of helpful hints on how find the perfect joint venture partner, how to write the proposal, how to construct a business plan, and how to develop an effective exit strategy, but you'll get the real facts about joint ventures and learn how to develop the right planning and implementation, what a joint venture truly is (or at least, should be) and how to increase your web traffic, expand your customer base, and most importantly, skyrocket your PROFITS!

MRR Product #170 - Online Source Code Editor

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Are you sick and tired of losing time and bandwidth by having to upload an edited page again and again and again? Don't want to start up your FTP-client for every small change you make?

Then This Is Exactly The Tool You Need!

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In-depth professional online training videos to help you kick off this powerful list building money-making system

The kind of messages you need to send, what they should say, why they should say that, and at what stages of the follow up sequence you should send them

A non-technical breakdown on autoresponders

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With 999 different money making ideas there’s bound to be some to suit you. All can lead to lucrative projects and most can be operated from home in your spare time without leaving your current employment

MRR Product #176 - Resale Rights Secrets

Want a Step-By-Step Guide to Show You
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Then you're in the right place. Resale Rights Secrets will walk you through the whole resale rights experience . . . from finding the best resale rights products, to what rights you actually have with the product, to making money from these products!

MRR Product #177 - Niche Marketing

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There is a TON of cash to be made in all of the niche markets out there, but how do you know if you're working with the right niches? And how do you know if you're making the most money out of that niche? This guide will walk you through the basics and make sure you're working your niche right!

MRR Product #178 - Easily Maximize Your Conversions

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Why getting attention is not the reason all headlines and sub lines are in Red

When just telling people how good your product is won't work any more

Crafting the perfect highlights that will really make you stand out from the crowd

Why countdowns are a thing of the past and how to move towards the future

MRR Product #179 - How to Uncover Red Hot Niches in Minutes

Discover How Niche Research Can Help You Create A
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How to find sizzling and profitable niche topic ideas, so you can select a winning idea for your start-up business

How to evaluate a niche for its profitability using 3 easy steps so you can avoid selecting a niche that won’t make you money

Learn how to design a killer sales and landing page so you can convert visitors into paying customers

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Give Me 45 Minutes And I'll Teach You How To Hunt Down "Mysterious" (But Talented) Ghostwriters To Research, Write, And Proofread Your Info Products!

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This 6-part video series shows you how to truly profit from Private Label Rights products, including an intro into PLR and the tools you need, and working with the different types of PLR content - books, articles, audio, video and software.

Following these videos will have you producing unique products from you PLR content in no time!

MRR Product #182 - Exploiting Ezine Articles

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How to perform groundbreaking market research

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21 solid ideas for viral marketing and how to use it with your online business

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And More!

MRR Product #185 - PPC Affiliate Marketing

Discover the Secrets You Can Use to Take Your
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What is PPC Affiliate Marketing exactly and how does it work?

Where you can find tools to create keyword lists for your pay per click campaigns

What exactly are landing pages, and the key features you need to use on the landing pagen

The important Do's and Don'ts before venturing into pay per click marketing

MRR Product #186 - Quick Profits Guide to Co-Registration Leads

Open Up Your Own Pipeline To Profits
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The Quick Profits Guide To Co-Registration Leads" Is The Defacto Hands-On Guide For Using Co-Reg Leads & Email Marketing Tactics To Make A Ton Of Money With Online Marketing

MRR Product #187 - Today's Top Network Marketing Strategies

Building Your Network Marketing Business Bigger
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How the people in your inner circle could make or break your business

Which simple mind set will better your business for ever and ever

How to grow your down line on a massive scale with little effort or money

The top mistakes Pros and "Joe's" make and how to avoid them from the start

MRR Product #188 - Beyond the Newbie

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Understand Why You Are Spending Your Time Working Online And How TO Make It Work For You!

Find A Mentor Who Can Show You First Hand What Your Missing

Build Your Business As Either An Affiliate, An AdSense Marketer Or As A Bum Marketer!

Create For Yourself A Daily Mini-Plan To Help You Reach Your Goals

MRR Product #189- SEO Predictions

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You are about to learn all about the future of Search Engine Optimization from some of the top experts in the field. You'll hear from the likes of Brad Fallon, Dan Thies, Stephen Auker and 12 other SEO experts, all letting you know how they see the future of search engines, and how it can affect you and your rankings!

MRR Product #190 - Tip Article Creator

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This incredibly simple to use piece of software allows you to convert any text article or data into a search engine friendly web page in seconds and much more.

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Here's you're chance to get 10 professionally designed WordPress themes that you can put to use right away.

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MRR Product #192 - Traffic Hybrid System

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Why forums are one of the most overlooked goldmines on the internet...

Techniques to use when you want to promote a product as an affiliate or even as a merchant

How to draw even more attention to your signature file so you drive even more traffic to your offers.

And So Much More!

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Instantly analyze any infoproduct sales page directly from the Internet and find out how the page has been designed

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Find out the Search Engine positions of your competitors

Find out how many "hypnotic" words are used in any sales page that makes the visitor click the order button

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How To Turn Worthless FFA Pages Into Consistent Sales

How To Find The Top Safelists Where Prospects Actually Read Their Emails

How To Have YOUR Ad Stand Out In Crowded Message Boards And Know Just When To Post

How To Build A Massive Opt In List With Traffic Exchanges For Close To Nothing

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Build A Step By Step Plan That Will Work In 7 Days!

Develop A Sales Funnel To Make Sure You Get Something Out Of Each Customer

Drive The Traffic You Need To Make Your PLR Products Successful

Setup Your Website So Profits Are Optimized

MRR Product #199 - The Money Crisis Manual

Learn The Exact Ways To Find Needed Cash When
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All of a sudden and without warning, your roof begins to leak! Your hot water heater shuts down and your computer goes up in smoke, the clutch needs to be replaced in your car and your son decides to have his wedding on the Isle of Oahu - all of this within the same week... What do you do?

MRR Product #200 - Squeeze Your Way to Wealth

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You're about to get 2 professionally designed squeeze pages that are ready to go - no graphics editing at all is required. Just make a few quick changes, and you're ready to go!

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MRR Product #201 - Sales Bot Generator

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Sales Bot Generator is a simple little script you can use to set up your personal 'exit traffic salesmen'. As soon as they get a sense someone is about to abandon your site they jump into action, giving your visitors a second chance to interact with your site and take action on your offers.

You can generate unlimited salesmen and put them on any webpage you want.

MRR Product #202 - Project Management Made Easy

What you need to know about …
Project Management Made Easy!


Project management styles

Financing for project management

Making your management style work for you

How to break down a project

How to work with others

And Much More!

MRR Product #203 - 7 Deadly Webmaster Mistakes

Are YOU Committing One Of These Seven
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Constantly, everywhere I turn is yet another hopeful Webmaster making the same [critical] mistakes over and over again, each of which is EASILY costing them hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in lost revenue each year.

MRR Product #204 - Gift Manager Pro

The Ever Growing Number Of JV Giveaways Makes It
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JV Giveaways are a hit. If you want to build a a mailing list fast, they're the way to go!

But with the ever growing number of giveaways, it becomes harder and harder to keep track of all your contributions, and their results. If you haven't got an extensive database system for your gifts, you will lose. And that's where Gift Manager Pro comes in . . .

MRR Product #205 - Turn Videos Into Cash

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The popularity of videos is steadily rising, and more and more people are using videos to make money online. But they're doing a bad job at it. Find out how to effectively use videos so you don't join them in wondering what they're doing wrong!

MRR Product #206 - Smart Links

How To Quickly & Easily Protect Your Affiliate
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You may not be aware of this problem, but if you promote any affiliate program, it is almost certainly costing you a substantial proportion of your commissions.

The problem starts when instead of simply clicking on your affiliate link, a customer copies the link into the Address field at the top of their browser and modifies the link before using it.

Smart Links solves this problem!

MRR Product #207 - Super Money Emails

Your Complete 'Fill In The Blank' Autoresponder
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MRR Product #208 - Instant Guru Blueprint

How To Become A SOMEBODY In Your Niche Market
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WARNING! What You Are About To Discover Is SO0ooo Vital To Your Internet Marketing Success... Yet Not Many Gurus Or eBooks Seem To Touch This Subject!

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Who Else Wants To Know How To Get Unlimited
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Does it ever feel like it is getting harder and harder to get new, qualified buyers to your websites to buy your products and services?

Does it seem like search engine optimization actually is rocket science and other traffic generation methods like pay-per-click or banner advertising are always costing you more money? If so, you're not alone . . . This new report reveals an amazing source bursting with traffic that few marketers are using . . .

MRR Product #210 - Offline Marketing Strategies For Online Businesses

Are You Ready To Boost Your Business (And Profits)
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Tactics You've Been Ignoring?


9 proven ways to advertise that do NOT involve the Internet

3 things you must consider before placing an ad

Why the best ad placers are sometimes skeptical of newspaper advertising

An easy way to add direct response (and direct profits) to your business plan

6 places in your town you can likely advertise for free

MRR Product #211 - Swift Headers Pro

Get 25 Instant, Ready-to-Go Headers
for Your Mini Sites!


This package gives you 25 top quality header images that you can use for any website you want. Just pick the header you want to use, add your product title using a free graphics editor (like Paint), and you're ready to go with a professional quality header graphic for your sites!

MRR Product #212 - Powersellers Niches

Are You Ready To Discover Your Own
Treasure Map To Instant eBay Gold?


Here A Complete Treasure Map, Laid Out In Detail For Ordinary People To See Instantly What Is HOT and SELLING NOW on eBay!"

You’ll Be Able To Sell Profit-Producing Items On eBay In Seconds, While Others Spend Weeks Searching And Hoping That Their Hard Work Pays Off

MRR Product #213 - How to Design a Profitable Website

You're About To Discover How You Can Quickly
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Creating A Profitable Web Site Is One Of The Most Valuable Skills You Can Ever Master In Today's E-Commerce Market... And In Just A Few Minutes From Now... I'm Going to Show You Exactly How You Can Turn Your PC Into An Automatic Cash-Generating Machine!

MRR Product #214 - Niche Marketer's Road Map to Success

Internet Dummy Infiltrates 12 Top Secret
Niche Markets And Exploits Them For Huge
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His Success


Are you ready to discover a simple way to generate profits online in little know niche markets? Would you like to cash in on markets that no one else cares about? Maybe you just want to stay "under the radar" and quietly bank a small fortune

MRR Product #215 - The Master Blueprint to Internet Marketing Success

You're About to Discover the Exact Blueprint
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This special report , The Master Blueprint To Internet Marketing Success, written by Willie Crawford was created to help you understand how to keep one of your New Year’s Resolutions… the promise to do those things that will make your online business a big success THIS YEAR!

MRR Product #216 - Super Affiliate Wizard

Do You Want to Discover 100 Magical Ways To
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I doubt, you would find a bigger collection of super affiliate secrets of this nature any where on the planet. Did you know that it's possible that just one successful affiliate tactic could give you everything you've ever wanted in life. Why not know as many as you can?

MRR Product #217 - My Sales Letter Graphics Pack

Here's How You Can Have A Set Of High Quality
Salesletter Graphics To Boost Your Sales
Without Hiring A Professional Graphic
Designer Do All The Work For You


A Set Of Ready-Made, Easy-To-Edit Business And Niche Headers

Order And Buy Now Buttons

Custom Shapes

Text And Scribbles

Guarantee Seals

Price Stickers And Signs


Blank Ecover Templates

MRR Product #218 - Startling Seeds of the Delaverian Code

Do You Realize That Just One Little Eight Letter
Word Is All That Stands Between You And
Internet Marketing Success


The eight letter word that stands between you and Internet marketing "Guru" status

The element every single successful Internet marketer IN THE WORLD has in common

The single question that will determine if you live or die on the battlefield of Internet Marketing

How you can avoid the STUPID mistake I made that caused me to have to REBUILD my mailing list TWICE from scratch

MRR Product #219 - Online Marketers Cheat Sheet

Transform Your Online Business Fortunes Overnight
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Some people call them cheap, some people call them cheats, but to be honest, when you save over $40,000 & seven years of experimenting we don't really mind what they're called!

MRR Product #220 - Newbies Internet Marketing Basics

Discover the Simplest and Most Easiest Way to
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Money While You Sleep...A Goldmine of
Information For You to Learn How to
Build and Create a REAL Successful
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You'll learn the basics of building up your small online business eventually into an ongoing online business venture!

Learn how to start your online business with very low or virtually no cost at all...

How to turn your traffic into your longtime loyal customers

MRR Product #221 - Traffic Heist

Follow A Step By Step Blueprint To Legally Steal,
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The ONLY traffic strategies that are worth pursuing and how to dominate every single one within 7 days or less

How you can set up the ultimate traffic funnel

How to cut your promotion time in HALF and yield THREE times the results

What you absolutely NEED to know about article marketing, SEO, social media and every other traffic tactic

MRR Product #222 - Panic OTO

Imagine Being Able to Easily Create A Sense of
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Make your customers decide on the spot and instantly boost your sales by 300% or more . . .

easily add your own special offer

decide on the countdown length

use this tool with every payment processor that provides a URL for payment

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MRR Product #223 - The Guru's Apprentice

It's Finally Time for YOU to Learn Some of
MY Best-Kept Secrets


How I Got to Page #1 in Google

How I Got Loads of Free One-Way Links

How I Make Money Giving Away Free eBooks

How I Got Google to Index ALL My Pages

How to Get Your Customers eMail Addresses

How to Protect Your Downloads

MRR Product #224 - Information Product Infantry

Discover 100 Ways To Explode
Your Info-Product Income!


If you have even a passing interest in the topic of promoting information products, then you should really study this in depth report. It presents some of the latest and greatest tactics on the battlefield of information marketing.

MRR Product #225 - Vital Viral

Not Getting Enough Traffic To Your Site?
Have You Ever Wondered How You Can
Blast Your Site Virally?


Understand Why Viral Marketing Is Necessary To Your Business

Start Creating Your Own Viral Campaigns Today

Discover How To Create The Exact Viral Effect To Give Your Business A Real Kick In The Butt

Understand The Best Way To Reach The Most People Possible

MRR Product #226 - Support Desk Profits

Who Else Wants to Turn a Necessary Everyday Task into a Profitable Passive Income? SUPPORT DESK PROFITS Will Do Just That By Turning Your Ordinary HELPDESK Into A PROFIT REVENUE STREAM!

MRR Product #227 - Unlimited Profits and Traffic

Here's Your Chance To Grab A "Crash Course" On
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The proven to work strategies that make a difference between mediocre profits and unlimited profits

How to instantly quadruple your profits on every product sold

What 3 things you must do for your business

The key to creating endless profits with residual income programs

MRR Product #228 - Search Engine Optimization

Its Time For You to Finally Learn the Top SEO Tips
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SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Why SEO is Best For Traffic Generation

Choosing the Right Keywords

How to Get High Search Engine Rankings

SEO Tips & Tricks

Crucial Elements to Successful SEO

And More!

MRR Product #229 - Real World Traffic Strategies

Now You Can Learn This Simple Step-By-Step System
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We've produced a guide that explains the ins and outs of traffic generation from a new marketers perspective – giving you the information you need to promote your site with targeted, interested customers

MRR Product #230 - IR Squeeze

10 Professionally Designed
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This package comes complete with 10 squeeze pages that you can start using today to suck in more subscribers!

These templates come with high quality graphics (yes, you also get the PSD files), and require very little work to get them ready to go.

Private Label Rights Included

MRR Product #231 - Authority Niche Creator

Discover This Simple Yet Incredibly Powerful Tool
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This software allows you to build a profit producing unique niche authority site that gets other people to submit UNIQUE content, which builds hundreds or even thousands of Revenue Generating Pages without you lifting a finger!

MRR Product #232 - How to Pull Money From Any Resell Rights Product

Did You Know That Roughly 90% Of People
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Never Make A Cent From Them?


Handpicking the right resell rights product from their existing collection

Testing for profitability for maximum success

Mastering killer ad copy that sells

Flooding their website with hungry traffic

Taking payment, full step by step instructions with complete with screen shots

MRR Product #233 - CPA Overdrive

Follow A Fool Proof "Instant Results" Formula For
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The insider strategies of the most successful CPA marketers that will show you exactly how to build a powerhouse of profitable landing pages in just days!

How to guarantee that you will get accepted into any CPA network that you apply to! Follow my step by step "guaranteed acceptance" technique and have your system set up in as little as 48 hours!

How to triple your income by blending PPC with killer CPA offers, so that you are generating PRIME traffic to your websites within 17 minutes or less, guaranteed!

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Discover How Your 'Exit Traffic' Can Tell You
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This software only takes a few minutes to install on your site. After that it works for you everyday, continually telling you what you need to do to improve your copy, increase your conversions, and increase your bank balance, over and over again!

MRR Product #235 - Secrets Behind Relationship Marketing Success

Highly Controversial Relationship Marketing Secrets
That Allow You To Persuade More People
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The one thing you must do up front to immediately separate yourself from the competition and get people to see you as someone worth listening to

How to instantly connect with your readers so the thought of doing business with your competitors in the future becomes a complete joke

How to immediately change the way people think about and react to you

And More!

MRR Product #236 - An Introduction to Indexing, Linkbuilding and SEO

Do You Want to Reach Search Engine Stardom,
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An advanced understanding of what SEO is all about and why you need it

The tips and tricks that Google favors and rewards and how to carry them out

The exact methods the pros use to get Indexed and rule Google

How word of mouth can do all the promotion you need for your site

MRR Product #237 - Viral Gold

Once You've Got a Viral Report Out
To The Right People...You Couldn't Stop It From
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Opt-Ins, and Sales...Even If You Wanted To!


Why making your report free simply isn't enough. Most people make this mistake.

How to choose a topic that will have people practically falling over each other to grab what you're offering

How to get leading experts to write you a report for free - and why they'll be thrilled to do so

Why and how free reports can act as a money making system in their own right

MRR Product #238 - Ultimate Newsletter Templates

Give Me Only 3 Minutes and I'll Reveal the #1 Hidden
Mistake 95% of Newsletter Publishers Make, And
How You Can Avoid It to Have Your Subscribers Love
Your Newsletter, Want to Read Your Every Issue,
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If You Want to Learn How to Create Your Own Successful Newsletter... No Matter What Topic Your Newsletter Is About, How Much Experience You Have Or What Kind Of Budget You Own...

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2CheckOut EzyCash . . . The Hassle-Free way of putting Cash in your Pocket

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"Pick and pay" buttons make the selling process automatic. You simply find the money in your bank account!

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MRR Product #241 - Free Traffic Tycoon

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Free Search Engine Traffic


Article Marketing

Viral Videos

Classified Ads


Free Web Directories

MRR Product #242 - 3 MiniSite Templates

Get 3 High Quality MiniSite Templates
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You get 3 complete minisite designs, including headers, footers, order buttons, ecovers, and more.

You even get blank versions with no text on the graphics so you can easily customize the graphics with any free graphic editor (such as paint).

MRR Product #243 - Web 2.0 Traffic Generator

Here's An Easy Way To Get Traffic To Your
Website Through The Popular Web 2.0
Social Bookmarking Services


Do you want a powerful new way to generate extra traffic to your website?

You've probably heard of the Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious.

Now with Web 2.0 Traffic Generator, you can harness the power of these services to help boost your website traffic

MRR Product #244 - Ezy Ebook Templates

All New Updated Version Makes Using EZ Ebook
Templates Better, And 'EZier' Than Ever Before!


Create Colorful PDF Ebooks In Less Time And With Less Work

Include Actual Linked Table of Contents Menus Within Your Ebooks

Have Pre-Formatted Templates You Can Utilize To Generate Your Own Unique Works

MRR Product #245 - Squeeze Page Profits

Discover How To Craft Your Own Winning Opt-in
Squeeze Page That Suck Subscribers
Day in, Day Out!


How squeeze pages can literally double, triple even quadruple your revenue

Exactly what you'll need to build a squeeze page -- the tools and resources you need

How to create your first squeeze page, and important things you need to consider

Examples of bulleted benefits you can model for your squeeze page

How to increase conversions of your squeeze page

MRR Product #246 - PLR WordPress Themes

Who Else Wants Private Label Rights to
40 Premium WordPress Themes You Can Sell
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These templates are compatible with all versions of WordPress, are widget ready and cross browser compatible!

MRR Product #247 - FaceBook Social Ads

Are You Ready To Run Ahead Of The Pack
With The Best Web 2.0 Monetization Guide
Ever Written?


Build Your Facebook Marketing Strategy From The Ground Up

Understand the Unique Marketing Mind Set Involved In Facebook Marketing

How To Use Social Ads To Boost Your Sales

Figure Out How Pages And Beacons Can Be Your Marketing Savior

MRR Product #248 - Winning the Online War the WordPress Way

Wordpress Is Not Going Away, So Unless You Fight
The Online Battle, It Will Be You Who Loses!


How you can literally click one button and have a great-looking fully-functional website in less than 10 seconds

How choosing the wrong host will kill your blog even before you have created it

How to put Adsense or other advertising on your blog so you can be 100% sure that it is optimized correctly

The easiest ways to make your blog stand out to human visitors (this just takes a few minutes).

MRR Product #249 - Auto Deliver Digital Products

Finally Learn How to Automatically Deliver Your
Digital Products to All of Your Customers!


This E-Book will show you step-by-step, exactly how to have your digital products automatically delivered to your customers once they pay you with PayPal

MRR Product #250 - Awesome Glossy Layer Styles

Easily Spice Up All Your Graphics With These
50 Brand New Awesome Glossy Layer Styles!


50 glossy layer styles that you can apply to text and any other graphics with just a few clicks.

Layered PSD files for the 2 examples of numbers and shapes you see above, with the layer styles already applied to them

2 Video tutorials on how to use these layer styles. One for Photoshop, and one for Photoshop Elements

MRR Product #251 - The Aggressive Reseller

Transform Your Mediocre Reseller Business
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For The First Time Ever, You Have The Option NOT To Join The Crowd Of Struggling Resellers Who Are Yearning For A Buck - And Hold Hands With The Top Rankers Of Internet Marketing Resellers!

MRR Product #252 - One Month to 1,000 List Members

Why Not Build Your Own Targeted List?
We'll Teach You How to Build 1000 List Members In Less Than One Month!


These strategies for creating a mailing list of targeted buyers that will return to your site again and again can earn you thousands and thousands of dollars

MRR Product #253 - Stealing Traffic From the Giants

Here's How YOU - Or ANYONE - Can Leverage
BUSINESS. . . via Video Marketing!


With The Emergence Of Web Video Popularity, You CANNOT Afford To Miss Out On This Exponentially Growing Trend - Because It Could Make Or Break Your Popularity & Business Growth!

MRR Product #254 - List Building Dynamite

16 Explosive Strategies To Add 3,000+
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Stop struggling to build your list. Learn the EXACT strategies used by top online marketers for building powerful email lists that generate massive *Piles of Cash* on-demand!

Here are just some of things you will learn in this dynamite 53-page exclusive report:

A combination of the 16 best and proven list building strategies I've personally gathered, tested, and currently use today (this is not theory, this works!)

Which tactics have built me the most subcribers over the shortest period of time, and which ones are working the best for me right now.

The best paid and free lead sources to build up your list to 250 or more subscribers per day

And much, much more! Make sure you don't miss this one.

MRR Product #255 - Interview Profits

Discover How To Create Your Very Own
Best-Selling Information Product
In Record Time...By Interviewing Experts!


Inside I will show you step-by-step how to create your own best-selling interview product.

Here are just SOME of the things you will learn inside this amazing report:

Why creating your own info products is the key to success online.

How to persuade almost anyone you choose to be interviewed (I'll show you the simple tactics which virtually guarantee that people will say YES).

Preparing your questions and how to find out what people REALLY want to know so that you can give it to them.

How to make sure your interview is a success!

How to add real value to your product and have your customers raving about it.

Simple traffic generation methods you can use to drive people to your product

And Much More!

MRR Product #256 - PLR Gangster

How To Create an Information Empire Using
Random PLR That Is Floating Around
Online Right Now!


I'll show you how to make UNIQUE products quicker and easier than you'd ever imagine!

It’s actually really simple to repackage PLR products. Here's just some of what you'll learn with this system:

Here are just SOME of the things you will learn inside this amazing report:

The simple technique to turn even the worst PLR product into a brand new and high quality product

The most common mistake that inexperienced marketers make when creating their products and how to avoid it (it’s funny how simple it is)

Exactly what "private label rights" entails (violate these rights and you’ll be in BIG trouble)

The simple process to creating a high quality and high priced product using only PLR (you can’t go wrong following this simple method)

MRR Product #257 - Blogging Blueprint

Discover The Insider Secrets to Making Fast Cash
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Discover some of the hottest niche markets ever revealed for quick cash with niche blogs!

The simple system for setting up profitable blogs in just a few hours!

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